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Queen's Financial Group is a comprehensive financial planning company specializing in funds, insurance, taxation, and financial planning as its main business.
Adhering to the service tenet of "Professionalism, Integrity, and Value," and the business principle of "Continuously Creating Wealth for Clients," the group has diligently cultivated itself in the North American financial field, considered a sunrise industry. It actively provides high-quality financial services to the Chinese community with a full range, one-stop approach, establishing a good reputation and word of mouth. In 2006, the group successfully obtained approval from the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA) and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), obtaining the qualification as a mutual fund distributor in Canada. The following year, it also obtained the Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) qualification approved by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), allowing the public issuance of real estate trust funds.
Queen's Financial, with its specialized services and outstanding reputation, has earned the respect and trust of a large number of new and old immigrants, achieving remarkable success in the industry. It has become a star enterprise in the North American financial field, specializing in fund, insurance, taxation, and financial planning services.

The company wholeheartedly provides customers with comprehensive, one-stop investment and financial planning services.

Retirement Fund
Mutual Fund
Segregated Fund
Financial Planning
Tax Planning

Life Insurance
Travel Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Disability Insurance


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